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It saddens me to visualize our ignorance

We are perishing for the lack of knowledge

This world is ours

But we chose to destroy ours

Harmony, disregard of equality

Ideologies, beliefs and culture

Differences is all we catch a glimpse of

Emphasis on the negativity
When do we grow, Learn and Surpass

Surpass these false mentality

We are one. Why seize to acknowledge

Yes our differences elevates variety

It shouldn’t accrue disparity

We have fought senselessly

Blood splattered in the name of shallow vision

I pray we get a grip of our madniess

And cure the restless insanity

Life is for us to inhale, exhale joy
religious war should be past

We have come a long way

One nation we are one

Long live oneness.

Steak sandwich
Mar 1, 2014

Steak sandwich

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Its hard not to get caught up in the every day life of gossip in a company or even among peers or innermost case scenario family. 

Mostly the gossip picks on the negative part of whom is been gossiped about, unfortunately we take part in it and make wayward comments.

However, if you think about it all it makes you do is just hate whom you don’t know for no reason.

Today I take a stance that we live a different life , one that is positive, one that sees the good in people rather than the bad. A life of great variety embrace.

Let the positive shine, destroy the negative with a bright smile.

Good thoughts can only create good things, while the bad can only create hatred and chaos

Judge by the content not the container
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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
― Leonardo da Vinci
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cool Mug 
Oct 11, 2013

cool Mug 

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Barcelona fc vs real valladolid
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Barcelona fc vs real valladolid

Waiting for flight from ginora
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Waiting for flight from ginora

Honesty in friendship is the  most important, Never trust a friend  that says yes to everything.

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Be nice but don’t  be too nice…

Sep 29, 2013
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Sep 25, 2013
Always demand high standard, that’s called self Believe..
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